Third Eye : Artifact

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This artifact can only be used by a the player who attaches it. Attaching the device is done by pressing the drill-like area to the forehead which will cause it to embed itself in the player’s skull, causing 5 points of Might damage. The artifact may be removed but will cause 10 Might damage and move the player one step down the damage track.


A gem in the shape of an eye attached to a metal casing with a drill-like apparatus.
1 in 1d10 (10%)

The artifact allows the user an extraordinary sense in regards to esoteries and esotery like numenera effects, to this extent the difficulty of all tasks related to identifying/avoiding/detecting esoteric effects is modified by one step to the players benefit. Enabler (this effect does not require a depletion roll).

Further the player may also activate (requiring a depletion roll) the device when looking at any singular being to get a view of the being’s history (GM description) as well as an extrapolation towards a future prediction (Useful information about future actions etc… by GM, any action upon the prediction has all difficulties modified a step in the user’s favour). If this is used in combat it takes two rounds in which the player cannot take other actions (including defensive ones).

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