The Howler : Artifact

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Any soldier capable of wielding such a terrifying weapon is truly a force to be reckoned with in his own right as this device no doubt weighs a great deal more than most. The device is so named for the loud howling it makes as it’s power source charges the next shot. A massive two handed cannon, this device is so bulky that it is in fact one step harder to wield than a heavy weapon. Making it difficult even for most glaives. This is however negated if the user can mount it onto something. It’s standard range is 500 feet, but this can be extended out to 3 miles is it is in a fixed position. The slug it fires moves so fast it breaks the sound barrier as it leaves the chamber. Causing 2 additional damage to anyone at point blank range.


A massive two handed cannon with a rough grip in the front and a trigger near the back. When fired, the barrel lights up as electricity arcs through it and howls loudly as it fires off an terrifyingly fast moving slug that destroys everything before it.
1 in 1d10 (10%)

This cannon deals it’s level in damage and any target hit by it must also pass a level 4 might roll not to be blown off their feet and be knocked down by the impact. If fired at a target within immediate range, it gains +2 to damage from the sonic boom the slug makes as it leaves the chamber. The user of this device must also make a might defense roll of level 3 to keep from being knocked back on account of the tremendous recoil and the awkward handling. If this cannon can somehow be plugged into a sufficient power source, the depletion can be ignored and it only requires ammo to function. The GM can rule at any time that a given power source may not be acceptable to do this however.

2 thoughts on “The Howler

  1. Nicholas Johnson says:

    in game does our howler also have 1 in 1d10 depletion?

    1. Shaun Franklin says:

      Yes it does. Unless it’s hooked up to a stable power source.

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