Temporal Viewer : Artifact

Published July 31, 2015 by

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A device of ancient and profound origin. The temporal viewer allows the user to perceive time as it is intended to be viewed. From a non-linear, non-subjective point-of-view. Allowing the user to witness potential future events just as easily as they might call to mind a recent memory. Interestingly enough, anyone who finds it has an asset to figuring out how it works, almost as though they’ve always known how it works. This is because a future version of them may end up using the temporal viewer, and so the knowledge of how it works overrides linear time lines.


A matte black dodecahedron about the size of ones fist with bright blue lights glowing from ports on each side, if inspected closely a small shining singularity can be seen within swirling incredibly fast.
1 in 1d4 (25%)

When activated the blue inside shines much brighter and the user glances briefly into the near future, allowing for a highly accurate prediction of what is to come in the next few seconds. This grants the user three assets to their next action. Regardless of what that action is.

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