Supersonic Warhorn : Artifact

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The race of man has used the warhorn as a means to strike fear into the hearts of their foes for eons, so it only makes sense that in the ninth world, they would do the same. Leaders of men across the Ninth World have commissioned their scientists, nanos, and the like to bend and shape the Numenera to their purposes, and the concept of the warhorn is no different. Across the Steadfast and the Beyond, these warhorns have been formed through the polymerization of Numenera and the horns of the local fauna to create powerful, stunning devices that strike fear and disorient any foe.

NOTE: I suggest that PCs personalize their horns by naming them as they will, as simply “Supersonic Warhorn” adds no flavor, and due to the potential variance in the look or backstory of the warhorn itself, I feel it is limiting to give a single, broad name.


Any animal/creature's horn with any form of sonic detonation Numenera attached to it
1 in 1d10 (10%)

When blasted, enemies within an immediate range take the artifact’s level in damage and are dazed for half (rounded up) the artifact’s level in rounds, providing a negative asset for all of their actions (defense, attacks, etc). Depletion is rolled at each burst of sound.

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  1. Nicholas Johnson says:

    Thus Boromir was born.

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