Snake Rifle : Artifact

Published September 19, 2015 by

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A handle similar to that of a crossbows, with a small black screen on top tilted towards the user. And a thin silver nozzle one inch in diameter that extends out from front of the device by about two feet.


Considered a medium ranged weapon designed to fire shots around corners. The weapon does it's level in damage.
1 in 1d20 (5%)

The user can adjust the nozzle coming out of the front of the rifle so that it can snake around corners. Allowing the user to fire around corners and over cover without exposing themselves. The device also has a live camera feed on it that can be used without depletion for up to one minute, this makes it possible to “aim” without looking. This weapon experiences absolutely no recoil and makes a sound similar to a metallic bird-call when fired.

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