Scatterwand : Artifact

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Disclaimer: the creator of this Artifact highly discourages any use of this device accompanied by the words “Allright, you primitive screwheads, listen up! See this? This is my boomstick!”
Thank you for your attention.


A long device culminating on one side with a short metal tube.
1-2 in 1d100 (1-2%)

With a sound like that of a sudden hiss, this artifact fires a rose of tiny slugs of metal up to the distance of 150 feet (45 meters). Due to the fact that the Scatterwand fires a rose of spreading slugs of metal, its effectiveness dimnishes the farther the target is from the device.
At immediate range, it deals a damage equal to its level plus five; at medium range, it deals a damage equal to its level and is to be considered as an area attack; at long range, it deals a damage equal to half its level, rounded down, and is also considered an area attack.

It is not a rapid-fire weapon, and as such abilities like Spray and Arc Spray can’t affect the use of this artifact. In addition, Effort can not be spent in order to increase this item’s area of effect.

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