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A pair of large green boots that go up to about the shin on the average person.  The green has a silver tint to it and each seam of the boot has a dazzling white trim.  On each boot where the Talus bone would be located, there is a large clockwork device that consists of some gears and a ticking clock.  Upon examination, the clock is a backdrop with 25 different symbols on it in a circle, and instead of having a minute and second hand, there is a large triangle that moves in an odd pattern across the face of the clock.  Any PC who takes the time to study the motions of the clock and passes an intellect task (level 3) will learn how to tell time in this odd way.


[1-2] in 1d20 (5-10%; see effects for rules on variable depletion)

These boots are an asset to jumping.

These boots have incredible time dialation numenera in them that allow the user to essentially, “store” a jump.

Upon activation of the boots, which already make it easier for a person to jump, it will act as though the user just jumped, regardless of location.

For example, a person could jump around 5 feet in the air, activate the boots, and be shot another 5 feet in the air.

Normally, the boots in jump mode will only save the force pushing up on the boots from the earth. However, it’s possibly to save the force that the user exerts downward instead.  If the user is in “Stomp” mode, they can use the boots to kick an enemy away from them doing normal unarmed damage and moving the enemy out to short distance, or they can stomp on an enemy already on the ground treating the usual light unarmed attack as a medium attack.

If you have taken the skill “no need for weapons” you treat the stomp as a heavy attack with medium weapon proficiency requirements.

Roll depletion every time the user uses the stored power in the boots.  Whether for an extra jump or a push/stomp.

Depletion is 3-level in 1d20.  So if the item is level 2, its depletion is a 1 in 1d20 (5%).

2 thoughts on “RetroHops

  1. The description of these, with the green boots and the clocks, made my mind immediately envision these:'s_Shoe

    1. ThomasJefferson says:

      lol i don’t play a lot of mario but maybe I subconsciously took inspiration?

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