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An Observer Sphere is a small device roughly the size of a grapefruit that floats about 1 meter off of the ground when active. The spheres are usually found wrapped in what appears to be some manner of scarf or blindfold made of black adamant silk that has been embroidered with a repeating pattern of concentric circles in silver thread.

When the blindfold is wrapped around the user’s head so that the sections covered by the circular pattern rest on the eyes and ears they find themselves able to see and hear everything going on in the current location of the sphere portion of the artifact. Through a bit of mental effort the sphere can be made to move in any direction the user chooses, this however becomes more difficult the longer the user exerts their control over the sphere.

Some who have made extended use of Observer Spheres note that occasionally the artifacts will activate themselves at their own accord and start moving towards some unknown location, even when no one is wearing the blindfold. It may be entirely possible that the spheres are connected to some unknown entity.


A sphere of stronglass and a blindfold of adamant silk
1 in 1d20 (5%)

When activated the device allows to user to see and hear anything within a 10 yard radius of the sphere portion of the artifact. The sphere can be willed to move in any direction the user chooses for a period of 10 minutes if they pass a level 2 Intellect roll. If the user continues the pilot the sphere after 10 minutes they must pass another Intellect roll that increases at every interval of 10 minutes. (ex: 20 minutes of flight time is a level 2 roll, 60 minutes is a level 6 roll). Removal of the blindfold deactivates the artifact.

The user remains stationary while they are in control of the sphere. Should the sphere come under attack or be damaged while the user is in control of it, they must make an Intellect defense roll equal to the attacker’s target number.

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