Nerve Supplanter : Artifact

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This metallic centipede lays dormant until activated, curled into a tight, metallic sphere. When bonded to a host, it appears like an external, metal spine giving off a faint, blue glow from beneath the skin where it’s legs penetrate the body.


A large, metallic centipede with sharp metal legs
— for the speed edge, 1 in 1d20 (5%) for Int/Speed pool exchange ability

When activated, it uncoils and crawls onto the users spine, digging in with it’s sharp legs and fusing directly with the users nervous system, granting a permanent +1 Speed edge as it supplements and eventually replaces the hosts nervous system with it’s own, much faster technology.

In addition to this, when commanded mentally by the host, the device allows the host to exchange points back and forth between their Speed pool into their Intellect pool, even exceeding their normal maximums for those pools. This can only be done once per day, but the effect is instantaneous and can be activated at any time with a thought, even during combat, as a free action.

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