Nanotech Healing Armor : Artifact

Published October 31, 2013 by

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A full suit made from synth covering the entire body
1 in 1d10 (10%)

Nanotech Healing Armor counts as light armor. The armor itself has nano mites matched with the interior surface that work to help the wearer heal injuries. While wearing the armor, the character gains an extra recovery test per day, usable any time. The test restores points equal to the test result plus half the level of the armor rounded down (so level 3 armor would add an extra +1 to the recovery test, while level 6 would be +3) and may only restore points in the Might or Speed pools. Standard recovery tests do not gain this bonus. The armor also acts as an asset when resisting the effects of poisons incurred from taking damage (as opposed to something inhaled or drank, for instance).

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