Nano Swarm : Artifact

Published January 27, 2014 by

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This device takes on many forms, but they are all false and misleading. Constructed of billions (if not trillions) of psychically linked nano machines, the device will dissolve into a metallic mist and surround the user at a simple command. The swarm will then heed the commands of its master.


1d6 + 3
A small trinket of some kind, or even some kind of wearable item, such as clothes.
1 in 1d6 (17%)

For a number of rounds equal to the artifact’s level, the nano swarm can be psychically commanded to either make an attack (within immediate range) dealing the artifact’s level in damage, or it can be used to protect the user, giving 1d6/2 extra points of armor. The swarm cannot be controlled to do precise maneuvers – such as fit between cracks or pick locks – and cannot be used to wield an extra weapon. An action is needed to either summon or recall the swarm.

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