Monocle of Health : Artifact

Published November 18, 2014 by

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The Monocle of Health appears to be a normal monocle made for the left eye.  It seems to be made of a strange crystal that gives off a faint pink hue.  It is attached to a long gold chain that clips easily to any belt.  The monocle seems big when held, but will adjust its size to a comfortable fit on anyone.


The Monocle appears to be a normal monocle made for the left eye.
1 in 1d10 (10%)

Once activated, the user of the Monocle of Health can see the physical state of the chosen target.  This monocle will display information on the state of the target’s health.  This includes Might and Speed pool damage, poisons, and diseases.  It will not detect mental damage, effects, or diseases.  The Monocle must be activated each time a new target is selected.

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