Incorporeal Bow : Artifact

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When deactivated, the bow appears to be just a metallic bow without a string. However, once activated, six lights emerge on each limb of the bow (for a total of twelve), and a transparent, luminescent string of energy appears, connecting the limbs as a bowstring. When this string is pulled upon, an arrow of pure energy forms between the player’s fingers and down onto the arrow rest. These bows come in all imaginable shapes and sizes, from recurve bows to composite bows and longbows to shortbows. There have been tales of some experienced archers firing multiple shots at once with these such bows, felling a vast number of foes at once.


A Bow with its string made of tangible energy
1 in 1d10 (10%)

This bow does not require physical arrows and does its level in damage (but no less than 4). You may fire up to one full quiver of arrows (12 arrows) before rolling for depletion of the artifact. Also, an action may be taken to fire three shots in one round, with one extra level of difficulty for each shot. This can only be done once per depletion cycle.

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  1. Nicholas Johnson says:

    Thus, Legolas was born

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