Hornet’s Whip : Artifact

Published December 26, 2013 by

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This chain link whip is lighter than it first appears. When activated, the segments detach from one another and float in a row with a thin, light orange field connecting them through the air. It spans 50 feet fully extended, smells of ozone and sulfur, and its movements resemble those of an anemone.


20 foot long chain made of 1-foot long, thin metal segments.
1 in d10 (10%)

Counts as a light weapon, doing 2 damage per strike plus 2 ambient damage from heat. Can hit targets in close and immediate range. On a miss by less than its level on the die, it does 2 ambient heat damage.  Remains active 2 minutes per activation. Depletion is rolled at the start of each activation.

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