Gravitational Armor : Artifact

Published December 3, 2013 by

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1d6 + 2
A full suit of overlapped synth steel with blue glowing nodules covering the entire body.
1 in 1d6 (17%) each day worn

This armor is an off-grey armor made with synth steel. Covering the armor are blue nodules, pulsing with gravitational energy. When the armor is donned is fires up and starts to project a field of gravitational energy. This heavy armor is treated as having no negative modifier against your speed pool or allotted time the armor can be worn per hour. It is heavy armor but grants an additional +1 to armor in addition to the 3 points that heavy armor usually provides. Further, the armor adds and asset to any gravity effects the wearer invokes whether the effect is being created by an esotery, artifact, or cypher.

Note on Depletion: At any time, the GM can rule the the armor has sustained enough damage that the gravity nodules cease and the gravity field no longer functions, but the suit still functions as normal heavy armor.

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