Exoskeleton : Artifact

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Dense plates of synth overlap in a conical pattern between rods of metal and circuitry. This suit provides some protection from damage, but that is not what makes it so powerful. The suit assists the wearer in physically strenuous situations allowing for strength to be preserved; even in difficult tasks such as dodging an incoming blow.


1 in 1d10 (10%)

Upon activation, the suit aids the wearer in all movement related tasks by bearing the load of other equipment and pistoning limbs at faster speeds than would normally be achievable. This effect grants the wearer a single asset on speed defense and/or movement tasks. It does not take an action to activate the armor as it is programmed to respond to your movements. For example, the player could be about to roll for speed defense and decide that the incoming blow is quite dangerous. Thus s/he would activate the armor after the depletion roll to lower the level of the defense action by one. In addition to this, the suit acts as medium armor – even after the special abilities of the suit have been used up.

One thought on “Exoskeleton

  1. tskaiser says:

    If it is programmed to respond to movement, wouldn’t it always activate when trying to perform speed defense actions, as those inherently involve trying to move fast?

    Alternatively I would allow the player to attempt to not provoke the suit into activation, essentially “pulling” his speed defense. This would be a disadvantage, as the character is essentially trying to dodge without moving fast.

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