Data Spirit : Artifact

Published October 10, 2015 by

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A small device with a series of buttons along its almost hilt-like structure. Pressing them in the correct order deploys what seems like thousands of hair thin "tendrils".
1 - 1d6

Once activated, the tendrils produced by the device can mesh with any type of machinery; so long as it is at least partially mechanical. The data spirit inside the device will then take over the machine it has been attatched to and follow the commands of its owner. The data spirit can take over any machine of its level or lower for 28 hours. After that time a new depletion must be rolled. When the device housing the data spirit depletes it will go insane and attack anything it can sense.

NOTE:Each data spirit usually has its own personality, but it’s driven by its programing to follow its master’s orders – even if it does not want to.

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