Data-Reference Chest Piece : Artifact

Published December 26, 2013 by

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A tight fitting, sleek breastplate that is segmented as though the creatures it was made for had many joints.  In the middle of the sleek clay colored breast is a small extension that comes up and away from the user at a 45 degree angle and ends about two inches away.  The extension has a small screen on it that the seems to react when the user is near numenera.  Whenever the user makes a numenera check, the Data-Reference Chest Piece acts as an asset, with the level being the number of guaranteed uses before rolls on the depletion table begin.

When the electronics of the suit become useless, it acts as regular light armor.


7 in d100 (7%)

Asset to numenera checks.

One thought on “Data-Reference Chest Piece

  1. Aldarc says:

    Perhaps the level should be adjusted to 1d6 – 2 (minimum 1), or something along those lines, considering that a d4 is technically non-existent in this game.

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