Dark Dimension Blade : Artifact

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Long dark blade with smooth surface that presents no clear reflection. Its fine point is followed by a dark thin needle rising from the back of the blade and extending an inch beyond the tip of the blade.


Medium weapon with mild psychic properties.
1 in d20 (5%)

The dark dimension blade has two uses. First, upon activation, the blade reads, presents and amplifies a target’s greatest fears, but only the target is shown these fears, and they appear in the target’s mind as though she had arrived upon these thoughts idly. In this use it acts as an asset in intimidation checks in a social interaction. It does not need to be drawn in order to use it this way, but the hilt must be touched. As a second use,  it can be activated during an regular melee attack to make a separate intellect attack against the melee target at one step harder. This mental attack is available only if the first physical attack succeeds, whether or not the attack does a net amount of damage. If successful, the target is shaken next round, making all actions one step more difficult for the target. Depletion is calculated after use.

6 thoughts on “Dark Dimension Blade

  1. Ryan Chaddock says:

    Might want to include the max range of the Intellect attack.

    1. kenmcferren says:

      True. I suppose as an intimidation asset, it can be used in any situation in which the player may intimidate an NPC, though using it across video conference seems a bit cheaty. If I could have an edit, it would be long range.

      1. Ryan Chaddock says:

        I mostly just mention it because there are a few other ways to make targets more or less shaken, so I think range offered by the device would be a deciding factor on wanting to use it and risk depletion.

        1. kenmcferren says:

          Excellent point. My wording might have been off, but you are correct. Shaking a target at range should be limited. The intimidate check was meant to be a separate social check, akin to a diplomatic one, that a player might use to convince a target to stand down before a fight, or to give up a prisoner (or to do whatever crazy thing they could think of with a social intimidate check). The ability to make a target shaken was meant only to apply to the target with whom the user was personally engaged. Will edit to reflect this idea. Thanks for the feedback

      2. Michael Fienen says:

        You should see an “Edit” button in the top right corner that you can use when logged in to modify your submission. Let me know if it’s not working. I had someone else report an issue earlier, and I’m not sure if it was an isolated bug or not.

        1. kenmcferren says:

          Found it. Thanks for the heads up

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