Compression Band : Artifact

Published August 3, 2014 by

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A shimmering circle of meta-material, each level increases its size by 1 inch.

The space inside the circle forms a bubble of dimensional compression, objects pushed through are discorporated into quantum states and stored in a higher-dimensional space. Objects that have been compressed weigh nothing at all and there is no known limit to how much can be stored within an artefact of this type.

If some of the object is left outside the circle, then it can be withdrawn as part of an action. If a whole object is moved through the band, it can only be retrieved with a Numenera skill task equal to the Compression Band’s level. Each time an item is stored or withdrawn, make a depletion roll.

Targeting this artefact with a dimensional weapon or attempting to store a dimensionally active object within it, creates a space-time rift. Treat this as a singularity detonation which destroys the Compression Band.

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