Blooddrinker’s Cane : Artifact

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Blooddrinker’s Cane appears to be a finely crafted, black gentleman’s cane.  It contains a large round diamond, beautifully cut to ensure both comfort and style.  Upon closer inspection, the cane appears to have strange, dark brown “veins” running from the end all the way to the diamond on the handle.  These veins will turn bright red when the cane is activated.  There also appears to be an oddly designed crystal mechanism in the heart of the diamond.  When activated, this mechanism glows with a faint red light, and can be observed moving or shuddering slightly.


A gentleman's walking cane, about 36" in height. It appears to be made out of an unidentifiable black wood, with a large, fine cut diamond for a handle
1 in 1d20 (5%)

The cane takes an action to activate.  Once activated, the cane extends a dagger sized round metal spike out of it’s base.  This spike strikes as a light weapon for 2 points of damage.  The cane also drains a small amount of blood from the victim.  This effect does an additional amount of damage equal to it’s level.  Red veins then appear on the shaft of the cane as it transfers the blood up to the diamond.  Once there, it transforms the blood into a potent healing agent.  This allows the wielder to restore an equal amount of damage to his pools as he sees fit.  Of course, Bloodrinker’s cane cannot raise a pool above it’s natural maximums.  The spike will remain deployed until the power is used or the wielder dismisses it.  It then snaps back into the butt of the cane, leaving no trace of any thing that would indicate it’s presence.

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