Blade of Bloody Rest : Artifact

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A large ornate blade that curves down into an extremely thin and sharp point
— No depletion

When activated this artifact can induce a state indistinguishable from death in the user.

In order to activate the user must hold onto the grip and stab the blade deep into their chest, this requires great willpower and resistance to pain (INT check vs 5 [15], training in willpower/pain resistance lowers).

The user then instantly enters a death-like state which is difficult, if not impossible, to distinguish from true biological death. This state lasts for 4+artifact level minutes and at GM’s discretion may be used as a rest period for recovery roles whose rest time is lower than the death-state timer. After the state wears off, the artifact is ejected from the user’s chest and the user’s wounds are quickly regenerated.

4 thoughts on “Blade of Bloody Rest

  1. Chris Freeman says:

    Level 2d5? Either that’s an error or a really wide level range. Seems like it would be better as a high level artifact with a narrower range. 1d6+4, perhaps?

    1. Gelsamel says:

      d5s are a problem since Numenera wants to stick to 20s and 6s, but what I was going for here was a level spread that wasn’t linear. Ie. higher levels are rarer, most likely level being 6 for 4+6 = 10 minutes = possible 10min rest if the GM allows it.

      Personally, the type of artifacts I design aren’t very amenable to the random level system that Numenera likes to employ, personally I’d just have it be a level 10 item and say it lasts for 10 minutes or something. The way I see it, this item is a one-of-a-kind thing, there aren’t a whole class of them with varying strengths out there. If I had my way and you find this item in a game, that will be the only time you ever see anything like it.

      But… then I thought that I should give the option to GMs to have differing levels, but then I didn’t want 10 to be as common as 5, etc.

      Of course, this isn’t final and I’m always open to input, criticism and suggestions. If you think it should have levels but 2d5 is too convoluted and overthinking then 1d6+4 sounds good, maybe even 1d6+5. Otherwise maybe I should make it a static level 10.

      1. Chris Freeman says:

        Gotcha. I would run with just setting it at a static level 10 and annotate that it’s a unique item. Then maybe note in the effects that the deathlike state lasts for 1d10+4 minutes. Possibly add a note for the GM on how they can modify the level to be more random (i.e. add the 2d5 or 1d6+4 or whatever level option) if they want to include another version in their personal game.

        One of the beauties of this game is that the rules are malleable enough that as a GM I really can’t see a problem with setting a static number for an artifact level.

      2. Michael Fienen says:

        What about making it 2D10/2 (rounded down)? That would give you the same basic level spread as 2D5, but using traditional dice.

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