Beam Bridge : Artifact

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Possibly used for some kind of engineering system or perhaps for running tests, this artifact allows the user to cross large expanses with relative ease. This bridge itself emits a brilliant blue light which can illuminate an immediate distance around it. Where you to rub your face on the bridge it would feel like you’re outside on a beautiful with the sun shining on your face. It may also set your hair on fire.


A long thin metal cylinder about 2 feet long and a few inches in diameter with small gears on either end.
1 in 1d20 (5%)

When the user twists the gears on the far edges of the cylinder, stakes stick into the ground as the cylinder splits in half. One half stays in places stuck in the ground while the other moves forward and ends either staking into the ground or floating in mid-air with a bridge made of solid light filling the gap between them. The bridge can then be collapsed from either point. A depletion roll is only needed when producing the bridge, not when recalling it. The bridge extends out 10 feet for every level of the artifact.

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