Augmented Reality Viewer : Artifact

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A small device designed to fit over the eyes and alter the perception of the user to a highly beneficial degree. Intact augmented reality viewers are very rare. Even upon finding one, the device often needs to be wired to the proper setting (a numenera check equal to the artifacts level +1). But those lucky travelers who manage to find and utilize one properly have discovered a boon of the ancient worlds.


A pair of googles with strange nozzles coming from the sides made to interact with the datasphere. Glyphs of a bizarre language occasionally flow across the surface of the glass.
1 in 1d10 (10%) for each day worn

Upon setting the viewer to an appropriate setting, the wearer gains multiple benefits and abilities:

Vision: While the viewer is being worn, the user can see perfectly in all light levels.

Scan (2 Intellect Points): Works the same as the nano ability from pg 36 of the Numenera Corebook

Create: The viewer instantly taps into local nanites to rearrange matter and constructs a basic object(up to the level of the artifact -2) that lasts for 10 minutes. This cannot be used to create artifacts and cyphers and the object can be no larger than a small weapon or device(GM discretion), however doing this requires an automatic depletion roll for the viewer, in addition to the depletion at the end of the day for wearing the viewer.


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