Armor Out of Time and Space : Artifact

Published December 3, 2013 by

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1d6 + 4
A full suit of micromesh mail, covering the entirety of the wearer's body
1 in 1d8 (13%)

The armor Out of Time and Space is a special micromesh armor that allows the wearer to phase out of existence for brief periods of time. This armor is far hardier and still somewhat lighter than traditional Ninth World smithing techniques could ever manage with steel. It is a special light armor but grants and additional +1 to armor in addition to the 2 points that special light armor offers. When the armor’s controls are activated the wearer phases out of time and space. When in this state the wearer is slightly translucent and completely immune to attacks of all types. This effect lasts for 6 rounds (roughly one minute or 60 seconds). The wearer cannot make attacks or use cyphers or artifacts while in this state.

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