Ambergain’s Sword of Protection : Artifact

Published December 26, 2013 by

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Ambergain was a hero of the last century. No one knows how he came by the sword, but they know he used it to protect an entire village from a red eyed and sharp toothed onslaught. The sword is slightly curved, just at the end, and when active, pulses a dark purple light.


It is a two handed weapon, and counts as a heavy weapon for training purposes.
1 in d20 (5%)

It inflicts only 3 points of damage, but gives the user +1 armor while wielded and counts as an asset towards speed defense. Depletion is checked at the end of each day it was activated. Upon depletion it restores a number of might pool points equal to its level to its wielder or to a target of its wielder’s choice.

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