Alien Scope : Artifact

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For extra flavor text, note that there are more tubes attached to this one that give similar effects, in relation to where they are, if you are looking through the scope with your right eye, another tube would be right where your forehead is.  This is simply a hint that the scope was originally used by some sort of creature with different eye placement than humans.


A diamond shaped tube with knobs and small switches on it. When looking down the tube the player sees everything magnified as well as unintelligible characters. Putting your finger in the tube the PC will feel something similar to jelly.
1 in d20 (5%)

Can be used as a sort of telescope in its own right, but can also be mounted on any sort of ranged weapon, whether that’s a bow and arrow or some sort of slug spitter.  Can be mounted on a weapon with a simple numenera – that weapon receives an asset to attacks at long range, effectively canceling out the penalty for ranged attacks at long range.  Roll depletion after each shot taken while looking through the scope of this weapon.

If the scope is above level 2, ignore the first depletion.

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