Announcing the Ninth World Network!

Published June 3, 2014 by in Site News

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Hello loyal Ninth Worlders. It’s been a while in the making, and we are excited to announce that to improve the experience and resources for our users, myself and The Ninth World have partnered with David Brown and Ninth World Hub! Crazy, right? We’ve been working the past couple months to coordinate the connecting of our sites to share resources and tools to try and provide you all with one of the most finely crafted RPG community site experiences for any game out there.

So, what does this mean? Well, a lot, really. Here are the main points…

First, Ninth World Hub has been totally re-done. The old site ran on the Ning platform. We will be migrating it to an entirely new system, and giving it a new look and feel. But don’t worry, all your accounts and content should still be there waiting for you (you’ll need to do a password reset though when you first log in due to the server switch). This will allow us to break outside the constraints of Ning’s sandbox, and have better control over the design, layout, and overall user experience for the site.

I’m thrilled that David and I will be able to bring together these two great resources for the community to make something even more valuable than the individual parts.Michael Fienen; Founder, The Ninth World

Second, we know some work still remain on the Ninth World Hub migration before it’s perfect, but we don’t feel like it was worth delaying the launch over. The big one is that any pictures you may have uploaded to your profile gallery will be missing at launch. We do have that media though, and will be getting it restored soon. Additionally, we’ll be tweaking some layout issues and things like that, too. Sanding the rough edges off, if you will.

Third, having an account at one site, us or Ninth World Hub, now means you’ll have an account at both – no need to re-register. This is the first step in what will hopefully be many more integrations that better tie the two sites together. For instance, being able to feature the great blog posts people are writing on NWH via TNW to ensure topics are getting the exposure they deserve. We’ll also be happy to hear your ideas as well!

Fourth, you’ll likely see David and I both taking more active roles on each other’s side of the pairing.

Fifth, by pooling our resources, we hope to be able to bring you better, more powerful tools and features, as well as hopefully enable more in the way of contests and giveaways. We think together we can accomplish much more in this arena than we’d be able to do singularly.

Oh, and you’re probably wondering when? We will be taking Ninth World Hub down for maintenance early Saturday evening to complete the process. We’ve blocked out a 3 hour window starting at 6PM CDT, but hopefully we won’t need it all. During that time, Ninth World hub will be unavailable. It’s also possible that The Ninth World might be out briefly (but I don’t anticipate needing to do that). So that’s the deal, folks. Our two sites will still very much focus on their individual strengths – The Ninth World will focus on content creation and sharing while Ninth World Hub will be the community discussion focal point. But we’re excited about the opportunities this creates and what the future holds for the Numenera community. We look forward to serving you as we continue to evolve and develop!

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  1. tskaiser says:

    Oh heck yeah. Looking forward to this!

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