Creature Highlights: Stratharian War Moths

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Stratharian War Moths are exactly what the name implies – moths bred for battle. Now, you might not think the average moth is particularly scary, but these are no average moths. With a wing span of at least 5 feet, these moths mean serious business and that’s before you figure in their eerie withering light […]

Quick & Dirty Adversaries

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It’s easy to get writer’s block when making monsters for Numenera.  It’s hard to really keep it weird when there’s pressure to keep it weird.  Sometimes you need a little help. Here’s my system for coming up with on-the-fly or randomly strange creatures and people. Step 1:  Inspiration The best source of inspiration is good […]

Creating Foes, Part I: Creatures

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This is the first in a two part series on creating enemies suitable for combat in Numenera. It’s intended as a bit of advice to GMs on getting the ball rolling on making your own bad guys. Let’s set the stage with the mechanics and story elements of creatures for this one and then move […]