Wits Alone

Published May 29, 2015 by in

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Huddled in their makeshift cities, cobbled together from the expended glory of earlier civilizations, the people of the Ninth World are desperate.  Survival is everything in these times and this makes for a society with a distinctly dirty underbelly.

In a world without a common sense of law or even decency, what qualifies as crime?  Wits Alone is a guide to the seedy side of Numenera.  We all know it’s there, but most of us would prefer our heroes clean and unspoiled by the grey areas of morality such a dangerous world would make.  This supplement is for those who are willing to stare into the dark and see who stares back.

This book provides suggestions for criminal and law-bringer campaigns, numerous player options for characters walking on the wrong side of the tracks, a plethora of new Cyphers and Artifacts, and a look at the dark side of the city of Uxphon.  It even takes a good hard look at black markets and provides guidance for building your stories around their strange economies of trust and power.