Whisper Campaigns

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Adventure isn’t just for the desolate wilderness in the Ninth World.  Opulent and weird, the nobles and knights of the Steadfast and the Beyond play a bloody game of cloak and dagger.  Combining strange powers and technologies with ruthless ambition, the world of politics in Numenera is fascinating and strange.

WHISPER CAMPAIGNS is a 99 page intrigue supplement for Numenera, featuring all new systems for courtly “diplomacy”.  It provides the following:

  • A primer on political campaigns, capable of opening up whole new Machiavellian worlds in any game setting, but supporting the particularly strange world of Numenera and its courts.
  • An Intrigue Cypher system, based loosely on the normal Cypher rules, which allows for dynamic and powerful political adventure.  Included are 36 Intrigue Cyphers, ready to be printed out and played.
  • Eleven noble houses, each risen to greatness through luck, numenera, and ruthlessness.  Each with their own unique Descriptors and Foci.
  • Seven twisted knighthoods, available for any character to join, but also providing their own Descriptors and Foci for deep delves into their practices.
  • Thirty-six new Cyphers, six Artifacts, and 100 Oddities, all suitable for espionage, seduction, and intrigue.
  • A look at the politically tenuous kingdom of Iscobal and its capitol city of Mulen, with information on five political factions vying for the throne.