Ninth World Assassins

Published January 6, 2014 by in

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Assassins, the mysterious agents who are capable of exterminating their targets without leaving a trace. These people exist in the ninth realm, they just haven’t found you yet. In this book you will find new ways to customize your villians and characters into the deadliest assassins in the Steadfast. Just beware, they may be looking for you…

This book provides you with:

  • New character customization options
    • 9 Different descriptors
    • 5 Murderous foci
  • Poisons, traps and artifacts
    • 10+ Mundane items
    • 36 New poisons
    • 26 Traps
    • 10 Artifacts
  • Additional uses for XP outside of advancement
    • Guild options
    • 6 Home-base enhancements
    • 6 In-game applications including the Player Intrusion
  • Join and advance within an guild or organization
    • Methods and mechanics to build your own or try 7 readied guilds!
  • 2 New creatures and 3 notable NPCs!
  • 14 Campaign seeds to add to your campaign