Explorations: Echoes of the Prior Worlds

Published December 5, 2013 by in

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The worlds that came before the ninth call out to us from dusty ruins and icy peaks.  The explorers among us may salvage the past to bring new light to our future, but only at great cost.

In our first Exploration we delve into a baker’s dozen short adventures for speedy use by Game Masters in need.  These easy to deploy one page stories revolve around seeking out the secrets of the past, each with its own full page set of maps.  The book boasts three new Foci for use by players, as well as two new Descriptors, all perfect for new characters that are ready to dredge up the past through daring escapades.

Each adventure is carefully constructed around the Discovery XP system presented in Numenera, a stark departure from more combat oriented play and an easy way to entice your players into further exploration of the Ninth World.