Celestial Wisdom

Published December 5, 2013 by in

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The Ninth World holds many wondrous and terrible things from earth’s past. Perhaps the most familiar to us in the 21st century is the Datasphere, an extrapolation of our internet, cast a billion years into the future. Once a galaxy spanning network responsible for the dataflow of countless empires, the Datasphere of the Ninth World is a broken monument to the hubris of the past. Filled with creatures of math and rules and hate, the bloated software that helped to make a perfect past now serves only to maintain chaos and misery.

Celestial Wisdom is an exploration of the Datasphere for Numenera that includes:

  • A pantheon of digital gods – uploaded minds, artificial intelligences, alien virii, and more.
  • New powers for every Tier, new Backgrounds, and new Foci.
  • 50 Cyphers, 18 Artifacts, and 100 new Oddities.
  • Story seeds for intefacing these Datasphere abilities and items with your Numenera game.

Celestial Wisdom includes Lovecraft-inspired Old Gods and a lovecraftian focus: Knows Too Much.  It goes great with In Strange Aeons, MCG’s new supplement for Numenera!