Beyond The Edge: Unknown Wonders

Published August 11, 2014 by in

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Hydra Team and Wyrd Edizioni are proud to bring you Beyond the Edge #2: Unknown Wonders. It provides Numenera players and GMs with a choice of options for better customizing characters. It comes complete with:

New Character customization options –

  • Character Heritage feature (You have a quasi artificial body, but how? You can alter your phase state and become ethereal, but why? You’re able to control beasts, but since when? Your heritage is the answer).
  • Seven Descriptors like Cooperative, Mysterious and Resourceful.
  • Seven Foci to make your character even more unique (e.g. Duplicate Himself/Herself, Has a Shade Twin or Is a Living Assimilator).

New Technology –

  • Ten Cyphers, from the Bloodline Analyzer to the Voice Trapper.
  • Five Artifacts, such as the Psychometric Probe or the Technophobia Inducer.