Angels & Ashes

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Esoteric powers summoned by arcane gestures, syllables, and symbols. No technology looks so much like magic as the nanites of the Ninth World. Those who know their secret ways wield arcane power, just as the wizards and will-workers of legend.

ANGELS & ASHES is an 87 page nanotechnology book for Numenera, presenting an arcane take on the unseen forces of the world. It provides the following:

  • An alternate system for Cyphers, allowing any character to cast arcane spells from memory. Included are 48 printable Arcane Cypher cards.
  • Ten areas of arcane study, each with divergent paths of magical understanding, providing 22 Foci for use by player characters. Areas include traditional fantasy magics and extrapolations based on the technologies involved.
  • A system for small magical effects, called Charms. Provided are 100 Charms ready for play.
  • An arcane university based out of the metropolis of Qi. The adversaries and mentors you need to create an arcane campaign in the Ninth World.
  • Four pieces of fiction by author Joseph DeSimone.
  • Adversaries associated with each area of magical study.