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Three Frameworks to Start Your Numenera Campaign

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The following quote is about the clearest advice GMs get in the core book on what kinds of campaign arcs characters explore in the Ninth World. “The Ninth World is about discovering the wonders of the worlds that came before it, not for their own sake, but as the means to improve the present and […]

New Materials

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Monte came up with a couple of brilliant materials when he wrote Numenera. Strongglass, Azure Steel along with similarly weird and fantastic substances. I have compiled a list of made up materials that I have encountered in my years of playing TTRPG’s. All of these were made up by my friends and I over a […]

Adapting the Monolith from Beyond Space and Time

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Recently, over on the Numenera subreddit, I asked for suggestions of adventures from other systems that folks thought would adapt well to Numenera. One of the recommendations was for an adventure called The Monolith from Beyond Space and Time from the game Lamentations of the Flame Princess. As the name implies, this adventure setting is very much […]